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By: Admin | Posted on: 2016-06-11 | Kunjungan : 1361

Saturday, 4th June 2016, Faculty of Language and Letters had 15 guests from Oklahoma University of Amerika and Setsunan University Japan. This is one of the partnership programs between Unipdu Jombang and Unitomo Surabaya. In the purpose of learning about Language, Culture, and Education in Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School), they had chosen Jombang as the place they learnt.

In the first session, there was a ‘Meet and Greets’ session with the head of Darul Ulum Boarding School, the head of Unipdu, lecturers and students in Meeting Room I, which was led by Prof.Dr. H. Zulfikar As’ad MMR (Vice Rector of Human Resource and Finance as the chairman) who delivered welcoming speech. There was also Dr. H. Zaimuddin Wijaya As’ad (The Head of Darul Ulum Boarding School) who delivered some speech introducing Darul Ulum as a tolerance Islamic institution which has a vision ‘To Synergy the Intellectuality and Akhlakul Karimah’. He ended his speech by giving a short story about the importance of being smart in religion as well as academic aspects.

For the second schedule, there was a discussion session among students of Faculty of Language and Letters with the guests in Plaza Unipdu to learn about Cross Culture Understanding in Amerika, Japan, and Indonesia. Then, it was continued by visiting boarding schools in Darul Ulum, which is Raden Fatah dormitory (the first dormitory building in Darul Ulum) and As’adiyah dormitory (one of bilingual dormitory in Darul Ulum).

Lastly, FBS lecturers invited the students from Oklahoma and Setsunan University to had a small religious tour in Pesantren Tebuireng (Tebuireng Dormitory) which is the resting place of KH.Hasyim Asyari (one of Indonesian’s hero) and Gus Dur (the 4th President of Indonesia). They were introduced about Islamic culture in Nahdlatul Ulama, which was visiting grave and praying for the soul of dead people to indicate respect and honour. As the end of the program, they visited Jombang handmade center, in Gudo to know the process of making bead and the innovations.

This program was done successfully for Unipdu, Unitomo, and also all the aspects who involve on it. Hopefully, it will increase the name of Jombang as a peaceful Islamic city as well as the spirit of students in learning cross culture.by Ayu FBS