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Panel Discussion with Nation TV Thailand and Journalist of The Star Malaysia in Unipdu

By: Admin | Posted on: 2016-06-07 | Kunjungan : 3024

Tuesday, 24th of May 2016, Pusat Study ASEAN Unipdu (Unipdu ASEAN Study Center) held a panel discussion with two guests from Thailand and Malaysia as the cross culture understanding. The informants of this events were Dr. H. Zaimuddin Wijaya As’ad (The Head of Darul Ulum Boarding School) and Prof Dr. H. Ahmad Zahro (The Head of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum University). There was also present the general director of Unipdu Medika, Zahrul Azhar Hans as the chairman of the discussion.

In the first session, gus Zuem presented about Islam Nusantara as a tolerant religion which appreciate the diversity. Darul Ulum, as one of the oldest boarding school in Jombang had become the place of education, not only by Islamic people, but also non-Islamic people. He figured out Islam as rahmatan lil alamin, which means Islam spreads benefit in the world without discrimination. In the second session, Prof Zahro presented about Unipdu’s academic system that implemented the tolerance of Islam in class. He also explained about one of Unipdu’s programs, Pusat Study ASEAN (ASEAN Study Center) as the gate of Unipdu to have relation among the country around ASEAN, which we had known that those countries always had diversity. The thing that can join them is tolerance through education and socialization.

The reporter of Nation TV, Ball Sathapat, also stated his amazement with Islam Indonesia during his trip in Jombang. Besides having friendly characters, people in Indonesia also could have a good interaction among different religion. Lastly, Patrick Lee, the Journalist of The Star Malaysia also told about some differences between Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia in term of people interaction, politics, and educational system.

For the closing, this meeting also gave the chance for participants in the discussion to state their opinions and questions about the topic at that time.  Some students were so enthusiastic in discussion this program. This had been the first step of PSA to enhance student’s eagerness in communicating and introducing Unipdu through discussion among ASEAN people.